HACC Students

Gettysburg Campus Tutoring

TUTOR SCHEDULE July 1 thru August 7 (pdf)

Visit the Learning Center for free, walk-in tutoring.  For subjects and hours, check the posted schedule outside of the Learning Center. To maximize your tutoring session, please:

  • Bring all necessary class items (textbook, assignment, calculator, notes, handouts, flash drive, and your own work).
  • Bring your HACCid:  you'll be asked to sign in and sign out.
  • Come a few days before the assignment is due.
  • Allow for a 20 to 30 minute session - lengthy or involved topics may take more than one session.
  • Be an active participant during the tutoring sessions:  take notes, ask questions.
  • Come prepared: Complete the assignment to the best of your ability before meeting with a tutor.
  • Write down specific questions you have.

Remember:  The tutor's role is to review your work and help you discover useful learning strategies; the tutor is not able to do the work for you.  While tutors may help you improve, the tutoring session does not guarantee an "A".


Leslie Boon, Director -  lmboon@hacc.edu     
Amanda Hartzel, Specialist  -  amhartze@hacc.edu      
( 717) 337-3855 ext.113300