HACC Students

Gettysburg Campus Tutoring

Gettysburg Campus Tutoring

This week's Tutor Schedule - Sept. 15 - Sept. 19 (pdf)

Learn about the free tutoring services available at Gettysburg Campus.

Do I need an appointment for tutoring?
No, you do not need an appointment. You can visit the Learning Center for walk-in tutoring. 

What should I bring to the tutoring session?
It is important to come prepared to your tutoring session:

  • Bring necessary class items. This includes your textbook, assignment, calculator, notes and more.
  • Bring your HACCid.
  • Come a few days before the assignment due date.
  • Plan time for a 20-30 minute session. Lengthy topics may take longer.
  • Ask questions and take notes during your tutoring session.
  • Complete the assignment to the best of your ability before your session.


What subjects does the Learning Center support?
Check the posted schedule outside of the Learning Center for subjects and hours.

Who can I contact for more information?
Amanda Hartzel, Interim Campus Director - amhartze@hacc.edu