HACC Students

Academic Make-up Exams

Academic Make-up Exams

Learn about academic make-up testing at HACC.


Can I make up a test I missed in class?

You may make up a test with your instructor's permission. Contact your local campus for more information.

You will need to:

  • Provide the instructor's name, course name and test name
  • Have a valid HACC photo ID


What are the Test Center rules?

  • HACC does not permit children in the Test Center.
  • You must turn off cell phones while in the Test Center.
  • HaCC ensures an appropriate test-taking environment. We will apply the student disciplinary policy to any disruptive students. The Test Center will ask disruptive students to leave. HACC may revoke their testing privileges with the Office for Academic Success.
  • The Test Center will report academic dishonesty to a student's instructor.


How can I contact my local Test Center?

Gettysburg Campus Test Center 
Learning Commons  
(717) 339-3535 


Harrisburg Campus Test Center 
Whitaker Hall, room 118 
(717) 780-1105 


York Campus Test Center 
Leader, room 103 
(717) 801-3214 


Lancaster Campus Test Center
Main, room 232E           
(717) 358-2878 


Lebanon Campus Test Center 
Room 220  
(717) 270-6334