HACC Students

International Student Requirements

The International Student Handbook (pdf) has detailed information for students about F-1 status and requirements.  It is the student's legal responsibility to know the requirements of their status.  Please contact the International Student Coordinator with any questions about these requirements.  More information is also available from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

Reduced Course Load

F-1 international students are required by immigration law to enroll in and complete a full course of study (at least 12 credits) each Fall and each Spring semester unless they meet certain specific exemptions.  Please contact the International Student Coordinator if you would like to apply for a reduced course load due to academic or medical reasons.

Program Extension

If an F-1 international student is unable to complete a full-course of study before the completion date on the I-20 document, he/she must apply for a program extension before the completion date on their I-20 document.  Please see the Program Extension Guide (pdf) for information on this process.  New financial documents must be submitted with the recommendation form from your advisor.

Exit Form

Please complete the Exit Form (pdf) when you are finished studying at HACC.  This form will be used to update your immigration status and student record.

Transfer Out

Many international students plan to transfer to complete a bachelor's degree.  Please see the Transfer Services site for advice on transferring.  See the Transfer Out Guide
(pdf) for more information on the recommended transfer process for F-1 international students.  Once you are admitted and ready to transfer to your new school, complete the Transfer Out Form (pdf) and return it to the International Student Coordinator to complete the transfer process.

Travel Outside the U.S.

F-1 international students should contact the International Student Coordinator at least two weeks before leaving the U.S. to have their I-20 document signed and discuss the documents they will need to re-enter the country.  Please see the Travel Guide (pdf) for more information.

Change of Address

Please provide any changes to your address by submitting the Personal Data Sheet (pdf) or by emailing the International Student Coordinator.  Immigration requires you to contact your school's DSO within 10 days of moving in order to update your electronic immigration record.