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Health Insurance Information

Health Insurance Requirement
Healthcare in the U.S. is very expensive. All international students at HACC are required to enroll in the HACC group health insurance plan through HTH Worldwide Insurance Services. We have contracted with this company to provide the best coverage for our students at the best price.

Health Insurance Enrollment
All international students who are registered for classes at HACC will be enrolled in health insurance automatically as a group. Your student account will be billed for the cost of the entire semester. Your insurance ID cards will be sent to you by email and mail. Make sure your HAWKMail account is active so that you don't miss any important information. Students who are not registered for classes (i.e. doing post-graduation Optional Practical Training employment or on medical leave) will be required to enroll as an individual by contacting HTH Worldwide Insurance Services directly.

The Fall 2014 semester insurance enrollment dates are August 1st through December 31st and the fee is $522 total. The Spring 2015 semester enrollment dates are January 1st through July 31st and the fee is $730.80. Your student account will be billed the total amount for each semester.

Some students may apply for a waiver under the following circumstances:

1.If the student receives medical insurance through his/her home country as a government benefit given to citizens or residents and it covers the student during his/her studies in the U.S. Proof of insurance coverage is required for this waiver.
2.If the student is covered as an eligible dependent on his/her sponsor's or a family member's insurance policy. Proof of insurance coverage is required for this waiver and signed statement from the primary insured.
3. If the student has been admitted as a guest student.
4. If the student has been residing in the U.S. for more than five years and is now considered a resident for U.S. tax purposes.

Waiver Application forms must be submitted every semester by September 15th for the Fall semester or by February 15th for the Spring semester or students will be held responsible for the semester insurance fee.

The HACC group insurance plan through HTH Worldwide Insurance Services is a sickness and injury plan intended to offset some of the healthcare costs for students when they are sick or injured. Preventative care and visits to doctors when students are well are not likely covered. Once students receive their health insurance ID card from HTH Worldwide, they should visit www.hthstudents.com and using the certificate number on the front of the card, sign in to the site for comprehensive information and services related to this plan. Students may search for a doctor, view plan information, and other information.

Pre-existing conditions/Maternity Coverage
This plan does cover the costs of health care due to most pre-existing conditions. It DOES NOT pay for benefits for maternity coverage unless conception occurred while the student was insured under the policy. If there is a possibility that you are pregnant, please maintain your prior insurance coverage in order to provide for the costs of your maternity care.

Dependent Coverage
Only HACC students registered for classes will be enrolled in the HACC group insurance plan. Coverage is available for eligible dependents at an additional cost. Students may contact HTH Worldwide Insurance Services directly for more information on insuring dependents.

Contact Information
HTH Worldwide Insurance Services
One Radnor Corporate Center, Suite 100
Radnor, PA 19087 1 (888) 350-2002

HACC -Center for Global Education International Student Services
One HACC Drive, Cooper Center 101A,
Harrisburg, PA 17110
(717)780-1101 Phone
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