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SGA York Campus

SGA York Campus

Learn about the SGA at York Campus.

What is the SGA?

The York Campus Student Government Association is comprised of the Executive Board and the Senate. The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and the Secretary. There are 30 senatorial seats within the Senate. We fill positions from the Spring and Fall Senatorial Elections.

What does the SGA do?

The SGA:

  • Helps fund new student-run clubs on campus
  • Is the official link between students and the administration
  • Informs the student body about administrative decisions
  • Advocates for students' campus concerns
  • Holds weekly open meetings. Any student can come. We will listen to their thoughts and opinions.

How can I participate?

Participate in events, serve on a committee or become a Senator. By participating in SGA, you:

  • Gain leadership skills
  • Get to know administration
  • Work with fellow students to make HACC better

Who are the executive board members?

The executive board members are: