HACC Students

York Campus Activities

At HACC, we believe in a comprehensive and transformative approach to the student experience that ultimately gives way to a life long journey of growth and self-exploration. We believe in the union of student development and traditional pedagogies delivered in the classroom that foster the establishment of identity, confidence, and leadership.

The Office of Student Life &Multicultural Programs is a critical division of Student Affairs that blends student activities, co-curricular programming, advising student organizations and Student Government Association, dedicated leadership development programs, socially inclusive programming that promote and support students and staff of multiple cultural identities, community service and experiential learning opportunities, and new student orientation including students' first year experience.

Through these various programs and initiatives, students benefit from the application of classroom learning and the opportunity to develop skills necessary for the workplace like leadership, cultural competence, communication, and organization.  For instance, it is not uncommon to see a Business Studies or Accounting major utilizing theoretical concepts as a Treasurer in a student organization or witness a student bridge their leadership roles in Student Government to that of community leader.

Actively create your own future rather than waiting for it to happen to you. Get involved!

Clubs on Campus that you can be involved with include:

Student Government Association (SGA) - Advisor Errol Wizda at ejwizda@hacc.edu

Career Organizations
Student Nursing Organization (SNO) - Advisor Cindy Donell cldonell@hacc.edu

Academic Honors Society
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) - Advisor Mary Richards mprichar@hacc.edu & Connie Ludwig cmludwi3@hacc.edu

Special Interest Groups
Spectrum (Sexual identity and gender equality) - Advisor Dan Houloose dshouloo@hacc.edu
Black Student Union (BSU) - Advisor Randa Moulden rlmoulde@hacc.edu
White Rose Journal (HACC York's literary journal) - Advisor Jeanne Purtell jmpurtel@hacc.edu
L.I.G.H.T. (Bible study) - Advisor Pat Wolff pbwolff@hacc.edu
Film Club - Advisor Mary Richards mprichar@hacc.edu

If you don't see a club or organization that interests you, create one. Clubs are created in response to student interest.  For more information on starting a club or organization, planning and facilitating events, or HACC York's leadership program, email Errol Wizda at ejwizda@hacc.edu.