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Facility Information

Facility Information

Learn about what the Evans PE Center offers. You must have a valid HACC ID to use any area of the Evans PE Center.


What does the Evans PE Center offer?

The Evans PE Center includes:

  • Gymnasium 
  • Outdoor facilities 
  • Pool 
  • Racquetball court 
  • Weight room 
  • Fitness center


You can use the gym area for a variety of sports. You can use the lines painted on the floor as:

  • Six badminton courts
  • Two volleyball courts
  • Two basketball courts
  • Two one-walled racquetball courts

You can use the gymnasium for pick-up and informal play when available. Physical education classes and athletic practices must NOT be taking place.

For available times:

  • Check the schedules posted on the doors leading into the gym area
  • Call the Front Desk at 717-780-2529.


Outdoor facilities 

Outdoor facilities include:

  • A putting green —The artificial green is located to the west side of the building. It has nine holes with flags. It is only available when class is not in session on the green. You must provide your own putter.
  • Tennis courts —The eight courts are located a short walk from the Evans PE Center. They are made of a shock-absorbent material. This material cushions your body from the jarring that takes place during play. You can check out racquets and balls at the front desk.
  • A field —The field is located directly in front of the Evans Center. Only physical education classes and the men's soccer team use the near field. The far athletic field is open to all HACC students, alumni, faculty and staff. We play many of the intramural games on this field.
  • A sidewalk track —The sidewalk track is located directly in front of the Evans PE Center. The track circles the two athletic fields. The sidewalk track is open to all HACC students, alumni and employees. Download information about the track (pdf) or view information posted in the lobby.
  • A sand volleyball court —Currently unavailable. Check back soon.



The pool area consists of a lap pool and a diving pool.

The lap pool:

  • Has five lanes
  • Ranges in depth from 3 ½ to 4 ½ feet

The diving pool:

  • Has a low diving board
  • Ranges in depth from 10 ½ to 11 ½ feet

You can use our kickboards, floatation belts and hand buoys.

The free swim schedule is available at the beginning of each month. View the Free Swim Schedule online or in the front lobby of the Evans Center.

  • HACC does not permit guests into the area without a cardholder.
  • You must wear a swimming suit in the pool. HACC does not allow cut-off jeans.


Racquetball court

You can reserve the racquetball court. There are certain guidelines:

  • You may reserve it up to one week in advance for one hour at a time.
  • HACC does not permit half-hour reservations.
  • Start times are at the beginning of the hour. 
  • We do not reserve the last hour.
  • The court closes 15 minutes before the building.
  • Call (717) 780-2529 to reserve the racquetball court.

You may check out racquets, goggles and balls at the front desk. 


Weight room 

There is a student worker present at all times. The student worker will help with spotting and enforce the facility's safety regulations.


Fitness Center

The Fitness Center includes:

  • Free weights
  • Cybex stationary equipment
  • Three elliptical trainers
  • Two treadmills
  • One stairmaster


What are the Fitness Center rules?

When using the Fitness Center, you must:

  • Wear sneakers at all times. You may not wear sandals, boots, dress shoes or hard-soled shoes.
  • Wear a shirt at all times.
  • Wear appropriate workout clothing. This includes shorts, sweatpants and t-shirts. You may not wear jeans or clothing with rivets.
  • Use collars on all bars. Disinfect equipment after use.

Guests must be at least 18 years old to enter/use the Fitness Center.


Is the Evans PE Center closed?

The Evans PE Center occasionally closes due to class reservations. We post signs at least two weeks in advance. The signs are located at the Evans PE Center's front desk, which is outside the Fitness Center entrance.

Call the front desk at 717-780-2529 to make sure the Evans PE Center is not closed.