HACC Students

Contact Evans PE Center

Contact Evans PE Center

Contact the Athletic &Recreation Department staff for more information.

Athletic & Recreation Department Staff
Director of Athletics & Recreation
Lisa Cleveland
(717) 780-1923
Program Coordinator, Athletics & Recreation
Jeanette Wingert
(717) 780-3263
Facility Specialist/Administrative Assistant
Patty Lentz
(717) 780-3267

Men's Basketball
John Murphy

Women's Basketball
Michele Kieff
(717) 780-3249
Golf Tim Birney
(717) 805-1063
Men's Soccer
Carlos Patino
Men's and Women's Cross Country
Jeanette Wingert
(717) 780-3263
Men's Volleyball
Steve Reyes
Women's Volleyball
Matt Marshall
(717) 512-4540