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May Commencement

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May Commencement

Learn about May Commencement.

The spring 2016 Commencement photos taken by HACC are available for you to view!

Where and when is the Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony?

HACC will hold the Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony on Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 6 p.m. at the Giant Center, Hershey, PA.

Are you graduating? Do you want to say thank you or share one of your most memorable moments at HACC at the ceremony?

We are collecting short videos to play at Commencement. If you would like to say thank you or share one of your most memorable moments at HACC, please:


1.  Complete the Permission for Photography, Quotes, Videography form (pdf)

2.  Share your message on video

3.  Keep the video to 20 seconds or less

4.  Email the signed Permission for Photography, Quotes, Videography form (pdf) and video file to releaseform@hacc.edu by 5 p.m. on April 29, 2016


The videos will be played before the Commencement ceremony for your family members and friends.


Can I participate in the Spring Commencement Ceremony?

HACC invites you to participate in the May Commencement Ceremony if you are eligible to graduate in the Spring or Summer terms.


Will HACC include my name in the commencement program?

HACC will include your name in the program if you:

  • Submit your graduation application by March 1
  • Potentially qualify for graduation

When will I get my diploma?

HACC mails degrees, certificates and diplomas approximately four weeks after final certification.


Where can I get a cap and gown?

You can buy your cap and gown at each campus bookstore. Refer to your specific campus bookstore for hours of operation.


Are there graduation photos?

Professional photography services will be available before and during the ceremony. You can get your picture taken:

  • In the concourse at the Giant Center. 
  • As you receive your Diploma cover

You are under no obligation to purchase any photos.


Is there a graduation DVD?

HACC will record the Commencement Ceremony. You can buy your copy for $15:

  • Online
  • Before and after the ceremony in the concourse area (Cash only) 
  • HACC will mail the DVD approximately three to four weeks after commencement.
  • Call Stephanie Maben at (717) 736-4141 with questions.


    Can I invite guests?

    You may invite as many guests as you wish to the ceremony. Guests should report directly to the Giant Center guest seating.

     Where should I report for the ceremony?

  • Enter the main entrance at the Giant Center. Follow posted signs. 
  • Report to your campus sign-in table. 
  • Put on your robe, complete a name card and report to your assigned seat. 
  • Do not bring purses, cameras or other valuables.


I or my guest has a disability. Where should we park?

Candidates and guests with disabilities may park in designated handicap areas.

If you are participating in the ceremony and have a disability, call Nancy Bobersky at 717-736-4145 by May 10 before 4 p.m. HACC uses closed captioning during the ceremony to assist people with hearing impairments.


Where can I get a commencement program and other mementos?

A commencement program will be on your seat.

Flowers and commencement mementos will be for sale in the concourse area.


What is the ceremony order?

  1. The procession: Candidates will lead the graduation procession. Faculty, the trustees and platform guests follow them. Candidates will form a double line by campus for the procession and recession. Candidates will follow the Student Marshals during the ceremony.
  2. During the ceremony: Candidates should pay close attention to Dr. Ski, President of the College, for instructions during the entire ceremony. Candidates need to remain seated during the ceremony.
  3. The recessional: The students will lead the recessional. Faculty, Trustees and Platform guests will follow. The ceremony should last approximately two hours. HACC expects all candidates to remain and participate in the entire ceremony.


 What happens after graduation? 

  • The Alumni Association welcomes you to join them. You can purchase an Alumni card for $25 annually. Alumni Association members are always welcome on campus. You can use designated facilities including tennis courts, pool and library. Visit the Alumni table in the concourse area for more information. 
  • Visit Career Services for assistance with resumes, interview skills and your job search. 
  • Talk to a transfer counselor for questions or assistance with your next steps.