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Career Services

Whether you are a student, a prospective student, an employer or a community partner, the Career Services Team at HACC wants to help you. As a team, our primary function is to support our students' professional growth and development toward their career goals; however, we also work hard to connect the students, businesses and community partners.

Below you will find links that support YOUR professional development, aid in YOUR career and major exploration and help you with the job search.

We are professionally YOURS.


Career Exploration and Development


Explore Your Career

Research local employment data
and HACC programs



Learn about careers and
US employment data



Learn about careers and
US employment data


 What can I do with this major?

Learn how degrees translate
to careers


 Jobs made real

Watch career videos


 16 personalities

Find your personality and how it aligns with careers

Exploring Your Strengths

Examine your character strengths and their tie to jobs.

Job and Internship Search Tools


College Central Network
Search Jobs and Internships

College Central Podcasts

College Central Podcasts 





 Pa Civil Service

PA Civil Service Jobs


 Pa Non Civil Service Jobs

PA Non-Civil Service Jobs

 USA jobs

USA/Federal Jobs

 Pa Job Gateway

PA Jobgateway

Jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Job Search Tool

    Additional Resources


College Central Network

         Career Library Guide