HACC Students

KEYS Program

What is it? Who is eligible?
KEYS is a program designed to help students succeed at a community college.

KEYS is for those who wish to enroll or who are already enrolled.

KEYS is for families receiving cash benefits (TANF recipients), who want additional training and education in order to obtain self-supporting employment.

Why enroll?
KEYS provides:

  1. Career counseling
  2. Financial Aid guidance
  3. Academic support
  4. Tutoring
  5. Incentives for accomplishments
  6. Personal encouragement
  7. College and community resource information
  8. Peer support

Are there other benefits?
The Pennsylvania Department of Welfare, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges may provide:

  1. Child care allowance for class and study time or volunteer activities
  2. Transportation allowance for mileage, repairs, or public travel
  3. Books and school supplies allowance

HACC has many options!
While some students choose traditional two-year degree programs, others may prefer a college program that requires less time for completion, building on strengths and interests…

Career Programs
Credit Programs
Associate Degrees