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Register Online Guide

Please follow these pre-registration steps well in advance of registering online for credit courses using HACCWeb. If you plan to register online immediately, skip the Pre-Steps and proceed to Step 1 below.
**(Links on this page will display additional information)***

PRE-STEP 1: Ensure that you can successfully log on to HACCWeb in advance of attempting to register. If necessary, there are two ways to request that your password be reset to your date of birth:
  • Mail or Fax;

PRE-STEP 2: Contact the Registration Office if uncertain about the following instances which could prevent you from registering:

  • Do you need an Advising Code (formerly Alternate PIN)
  • Do you have holds i.e. financial obligation, TRDW?
  • Do you have a restrictive academic standing i.e. academic probation or suspension?
  • Is your student status inactive i.e. graduated, need to reapply for admission?
PRE-STEP 3: Choose your course(s) and have the CRN(s) on hand when you register;

PRE-STEP 4: Submit Override Authorization(s) to the HACC location nearest you.

Please follow these steps to register for credit courses online using HACCWeb:

STEP 1: Go to Click on HACCWeb. Click on Enter Secure Area. Enter your Userid and password, and then click Login;

If you have logged into HACCWeb previously, skip to Step 2. If you are logging in to HACCWeb for the very first time, complete the remaining portion of this step:

  • Change your password;
  • Enter a Security Question and Answer, for future use;
  • Read the Terms of Usage and then continue;
STEP 2: Welcome to HACCWeb! Click on Student Services and Financial Aid. Click on Registration. Click on Check My Registration Status and a) review the information to assure you are able to register and b) verify your major, then click Back in the menu bar;

STEP 3: Click on Register/Add/Drop Classes. If prompted, choose your educational goal and then click Survey Complete. If you have been assigned an Advising Code (formerly Alternate PIN), you will be prompted to enter it at this point;

STEP 4: Read the Register/Add/Drop Classes page thoroughly and then add or drop courses.

STEP 5: Print your Student Detail Schedule;

STEP 6: Print your Account Summary by Term, and pay your bill in full by the Tuition Due Date.

Contact the Registration Office (redirects to registrar page) for additional assistance.

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