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Checklist for Veterans

Getting Started

1.Apply for Benefits:

  • Go to or apply
    • Chapter 30, 33, 1606 & 1607 - VA form 22-1990
    • Chapter 33 Dependent - VA Form 22-1990E
    • Chapter 35 - VA Form 22-5490
  • Electronically attach DD-214 or NOBE to application when applying online
  • Electronically attach any additional entitlement you may be eligible for (IE: Kicker, NOBE, College Fund)

2.  Print out the submitted application along with a copy of your DD-214 or NOBE and bring to your VA briefing appointment

3.  Meet with academic advisor and register for classes with HACC

4.  Submit Yellow Sheet on myHACC - Submit EVERY semester or when you ADD a class

Other Reminders

  • Federal Tuition Assistance FTA (Army National Guard and All Reserve forces)
    • Done through students' unit of assignment each semester
    • Approval paperwork brought to HACC's Student Accounts or MVAO to place a financial hold on account.  HACC will bill for the tuition and fees, if approved.
  • Educational Assistance Program EAP (National Guard)
    • Done through students' unit of assignment, completed each academic year.  (June no later than June 30 each year)
    • Contact HACC's MVAO EVERY semester to confirm EAP status and to place a financial hold on account
  • Once you have received your certificate of eligibility from the VA, you MUST bring a copy into our office to be kept on file.

**Don't forget to submit a YELLOW SHEET EVERY semester after you register for classes**

Click for a printer friendly version of the checklist

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