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Transfer Strategies

Transfer Services has come up with the following Transfer Strategies while at HACC, to ensure overall success after you graduate. First Semester
  • CHECK OUT Transfer Services at your campus and become familiar with the transfer resources both in print and on-line.
  • INFORM your advisor/counselor of your interest in transferring.
  • MEET with the college representative during HACC's Transfer Events each semester.
Second Semester
  • RESEARCH which college/university offers your intended major.
  • COLLECT specific information on the above college/university with regards to cost, location, size, and grade point average (GPA).
  • VISIT college/university that appears to match your needs.
  • DEVELOP an educational plan that outlines courses that meet both HACC graduation requirements as well as transfer admission requirements.
Third Semester
  • CONTACT your intended transfer school(s) to learn suggested as well as required admission and application deadlines.
  • OBTAIN and submit a college admissions application.
  • REQUEST official transcripts from your high school and any college/university you have attended to be forwarded to your intended transfer school.
Fourth Semester
  • OBTAIN financial aid information and application from intended transfer school.
  • MEET with your HACC advisor/counselor to make sure you have fulfilled all HACC graduation requirements.
  • REQUEST final transcript from HACC to be forwarded to transfer school.
  • CHECK with your intended transfer school to make sure you have fulfilled all admission requirements.
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