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Placement Testing

Who takes the test?

  • All new applicants will be tested in reading, writing, and math skills prior to enrollment
  • All students who desire to enroll in an English or mathematics course or in a course which has an English or math prerequisite
  • Students whose second language is English will take English as a Second Language (ESL) test before taking any other placement tests
  • Special consideration for math placement test:  Math placement testing scores are valid for three years
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How do I prepare for the placement test?

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How do I schedule my placement test?

  • After receiving your admissions letter and reviewing for the exam, schedule an appointment at any of the campuses:
  • Gettysburg Campus  717-337-3855
  • Harrisburg Campus  717-780-1105
  • Lancaster Campus  717-358-2966
  • Lebanon Campus  717-270-4222
  • York Campus  717-801-3250 
  • Identification: A photo I.D., such as a driver's license, passport, work or school identification, is required.
  • Children are not permitted in the test center.
  • No cell phones, calculators, or electronic devices are permitted.
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How long will it take to complete the test?

  • Plan on at least two hours
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What happens after I complete the test?

After completing placement testing, you will schedule your advising and registration session.  During your session an advisor will interpret your scores to assist in choosing courses that are a best fit for you.

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What is the Retesting Policy?

All students are allowed to retake the Placement Test.  After the original placement test, any student choosing to retest is advised to wait at least two weeks after the initial test while reviewing the test preparation materials listed above.

Students must wait a minimum of six months after the initial retest before scheduling an additional retest.  A nonrefundable fee of $25 is assessed for retesting.

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Who is exempt from testing?

  • Students who submit a satisfactory score from the SAT (480 or above on the SAT Reading) or ACT (18 or higher on the ACT Reading) may be exempt from the Reading placement test.
  • Students who present evidence of successful completion of prerequisite, college-level courses or the equivalent.
  • Students who have completed a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education will be exempt from reading, writing, but not math, placement testing.
  • Students who enroll only in courses without English or math prerequisites.
  • ESL students who present acceptable TOEFL scores will be exempt from completing the ESL placement test.
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I am a person who has a disability.  Who do I ask about accommodations before I take the test?

A student with a documented disability who requires special assistance with testing should contact the appropriate campus to schedule testing:

  • Gettysburg Campus 717-337-3855
  • Harrisburg Campus 717-780-2614
  • Lancaster Campus 717-358-2972
  • Lebanon Campus 717-270-6333
  • York Campus 717-801-3276
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