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Faculty Guide

General Information

  • This service is for make up exams only, whole-class testing or special needs testing cannot be accommodated.
  • Remind students to bring a HACC photo ID to take their exam.
  • Students may be required to schedule appointments and should plan sufficient time during Test Center hours of operation.
  • Academic Honesty/Testing Irregularities: Test Center staff monitor testing carefully in order to discourage any attempts at academic dishonesty. If we observe behavior that might be cause for concern, we quietly bring our concern to the student’s attention. If we directly observe cheating, we take the student aside and explain that testing will be terminated because of what we have observed. We explain that the test, any unauthorized materials, and documentation of our observations will be turned over to the instructor, who will decide how the matter will be handled.

Submitting Tests

  • Submit a completed Test Request Form with tests and all materials needed for each student at least one day in advance of the testing start date. Test Request Forms are available on the Common drive in the Test Center/Forms folder and from the faculty secretary.
  • Make sure tests have all the graphs, figures, and charts referred to in the test. Also, if you make a correction as you are administering an exam in class, be sure to make the change on the copies of the test on file in the Test Center.
  • Include a completion date on the Test Request Form. Tests will be administered to students until closing time on the completion date, unless you indicate an earlier time restriction (e.g. 2/4 by 2:30 p.m.). Tests will then be removed from the test file and returned to you the following morning.
  • Indicate how much time the student will have to complete the exam.
  • Drop tests off in the Test Center office, the campus mail, or the after hours mailbox (where available).
  • Completed and expired tests will be returned to Faculty Office mailboxes Monday through Friday via campus mail.

Test Center Request Form(pdf)

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