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Academic Renewal

The Academic Renewal process allows students to continue their academic careers without being penalized for past academic performance. The sole purpose is to allow a student to improve his/her grade point average. While courses and grades are never deleted from a student's record, an Academic Renewal allows certain courses to be excluded from the GPA calculation.

An Academic Renewal may be requested when a student has not attended HACC for at least five consecutive years (Complete Academic Renewal) or when a student changes majors (Curriculum-Based Academic Renewal).

Complete Academic Renewal

Students who have not completed any credit classes at HACC for at least five consecutive years, and who upon their return complete 12 credits at HACC (100 or higher level courses) with a grade of "C" or higher in each course, may request to begin anew the accumulation of their grade point averages. When a Complete Academic Renewal is granted, all courses with grades of "C" or higher taken prior to the student's return to HACC will remain in the calculation of the GPA. All courses with grades of "D" or "F" taken prior to the student's return will be removed from calculation in the GPA and may not be used to fulfill graduation requirements.

Curriculum-Based Academic Renewal

All technical courses taken in the original curriculum are deleted from computation in the GPA.

Excluded from the renewal process are courses that satisfy English writing requirements of the new major; courses that meet current core requirements; and courses numbered below 100.

An Academic Renewal may be granted only once.

Once an Academic Renewal has been processed, the courses excluded may not be re-entered into the GPA calculation and may not be used to fulfill requirements for any HACC program.

Students attempting to complete a second or subsequent degree may not have courses needed to fulfill graduation requirements in a previously completed curriculum deleted from inclusion in the GPA.

Students who wish to find out more about the Academic Renewal process should contact the Records Office.
Phone: 717-736-4152 or 717-780-2373.

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