Advisor Resources

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Assisting students in selecting classes:

Advising Guide
AP & CLEP Score Cutoff Guide
Course Descriptions
Course Schedule
Educational Planning Guide
General Education Requirements
Program Advising Checksheets -listed by area and then by major
Refund Information
Transfer Specific Checksheets -listed by institution
Transfer Credit Search Tool - unofficial list of transfer courses HACC may accept
Tuition and Fee Schedule

Frequently Used Forms - most forms are now available in myHACC

Academic Suspension Reinstatement Application
Change of Major Form
Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma (GED)
Course Repeat Approval Process
Credit By Examination for Life Experience (1)
Drop, Add, Withdrawal Form
Graduation Application (2)
Guest Student Approval Form
Release of Information
Renewal Form--Complete Academic Renewal 
Renewal Form--Curriculum Based
Reversal of Tuition (RTC)/Retroactive Withdrawal Form
Transfer of Credit from Foreign Educational Institutions

Advisor Resources

College Catalog
How Advisors can run a degree evaluation (pdf)
How students can run a dregee evaluation (pdf)
How to Email Advisees (pdf)
Information for Students with Criminal Backgrounds (pdf)
Training Degree Evaluations (ppt)

Other Sources for Obtaining HACC Credit

Non-credit to Credit Pathways
SOAR Information Sheet (pdf)
SOAR Programs of Study


Consulting College Administrative Policy for Advising Practices


AP 513: Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (FASAF) & Appeals Policy
AP 521: Access and Support Services for Students with Disabilities
AP 582: Dean's List
AP 591: Student Grievances
AP 592: Student Disciplinary Action
AP 594: Academic Dishonesty
AP 628: Academic Renewal
AP 638: Student Probation, Suspension, and Reinstatement
AP 652: Transfer Credit into HACC Credit Programs
AP 668: Repeating Credit Courses

Exploring Professional Development in the area of Academic Advising

National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) -NACADA offers regional and national conferences, in-class institutes, on-line learning, local day drive-in workshops, and a vast offering of books and journals. The association realizes that the role and responsibilities of advisors varies greatly from institution to institution and has programming and resources for all levels of involvement and commitment.
National Association for Developmental Education (NADE)
Pennsylvania Association of Developmental Educators (PADE)Please note that these resources are housed on the College's intranet and therefore may only be accessed from on-campus computers.
  1. Please note that these resources are housed on the College's intranet and therefore may only be accessed from on-campus computers.
  2. This function is also a self-service feature available to students within HACCWeb.


Mission Statement

HACC's academic advising services complement the learning process and address students' needs in developing an educational plan consistent with their academic, personal and career goals. Advisors introduce students to college resources and provide assistance to enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible decision making.

In fulfilling the mission, advisors will:

  • Assist students with creating an appropriate educational plan,
  • Provide accurate and timely information to students,
  • Identify resources available to support academic advising,
  • Maintain currency on advising changes and new advising procedures and practices,
  • Identify and implement appropriate enrollment management strategies for students.