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RFP15-01 Diversity Consultant - WITHDRAWN
     RFP15-01 Diversity Consultant
     RFP15-01 Addendum No. 1
     RFP15-01 Addendum No. 2
RFP15-02 Fleet - AWARDED
    RFP15-02 Fleet
    RFP15-02 Addendum No. 1
RFP15-03 Integrated Marketing Communications Services - AWARDED
     RFP15-03 Integrated Marketing Communications Services
     RFP15-03 Addendum No. 1
     RFP15-03 Addendum No. 2
     RFP15-03 Addendum No. 3 and Attachment
RFP15-04 Translation Interpreter Services - WITHDRAWN
     RFP15-04 Translation Interpreter Services
     RFP15-04 Addendum No. 1
     RFP15-04 Addendum No. 2
RFP15-05 Exercise Equipment - AWARDED
     RFP15-05 Exercise Equipment

RFP15-08 Conference Center Site - AWARDED
     RFP15-08 Conference Center Site
RFP15-09 Website Content Management System - AWARDED
     RFP15-09 Website Content Management System
     RFP15-09 Addendum No. 1
     RFP15-09 Addendum No. 2
     RFP15-10 HACC CCTV Camera
     RFP15-10 Addendum No. 1

RFP15-12 Textbook and Campus Store Solution - NOT PROCEEDING
     RFP15-12 Textbook and Campus Store Solution
     RFP15-12 Bookstore Maps
     RFP15-12 Sales by Departments
     RFP15-12 Addendum No. 1A
     RFP15-12 Addendum No. 1B
RFP15-13 Purchasing Card Services - AWARDED
     RFP15-13 Purchasing Card Services

RFP15-15 York Campus Call Boxes - AWARDED
     RFP15-15 York Campus Call Boxes
RFP15-16 Health Benefits (Submit proposal through Penn Bid) - AWARDED
     RFP15-16 Health Benefits
     Exhibit A Core PPO Plan
     Exhibit B Premium PPO Plan

RFP15-18 Translator Interpreter Services - AWARDED
     RFP15-18 Translator Interpreter Services
RFP15-19 Employee Assistance Program - AWARDED
     RFP15-19 Employee Assistance Program 
RFP15-20 Enterprise PACS System - AWARDED
      RFP15-20 Enterprise PACS System