Public Safety Center

Safety & Security Training

Safety and Security Training

Learn about our safety and security training programs. We offer them at the Shumaker Public Safety Center.


What training programs are available?

We provide training specifically for security personnel. We developed this training based on feedback we received from a group of industry experts.

We design each course as an independent module to meet your company's needs. Experts trained in the module will present the course.

We offer courses at HACC or your location. We also offer training on:

  • Conducting effective Employee and Volunteer Background Checks
  • Certified (Fire/EMS) Administrative Officer
  • Active Shooter Survival
  • Fire Unit Officer training
  • Fire Officer 1/Blended-online Program

How can I get more information on training?

Contact the Shumaker Public Safety Center at 717-780-2510 or spscinfo@hacc.edu.

Download Instructions for HACCWeb Timesheet Submission for Adjunct Instructors.