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Honors FAQs

Honors FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions about the Honors program.


What is the Honors Studies program?

HACC's Honors Studies Program provides curricular, co-curricular and experiential educational opportunities. These opportunities provide you knowledge, skills, experience, critical thinking and leadership abilities. These traits are essential for a lifetime of integrative learning in a diverse and changing society.

This program is different from HACC's previous Honors Program. It is an academic curriculum designed to give you a complete Honors experience. By successfully completing the program, HACC awards you an Associate degree in Honors Studies. You then can transfer to a four-year institution if desired.


How do I apply to the Honors Studies program?

HACC handles admission to the Honors Studies program like other selective admission programs. If you are a new HACC student, select the Honors Studies program as your program of study.

If you select Honors Studies as your major, you must submit a letter of interest (750-1,000 words). This letter needs to addresses "how education can help students become global citizens of the future." You can submit a three- to five-minute video or give an oral presentation instead of writing a letter.

You also must interview with Heather Burns, Honors Studies Program Director.


What are the program requirements?

The Honors Studies program requirements are primarily in General Education course subject areas.

To earn an Honors Studies degree, you must:

  • Complete the required Honors course work and six credits of 200-level electives (can be non-Honors courses).
  • Take the Honors Foundation Seminar during the first year of enrollment.
  • Take the Capstone Seminar during the last semester of the program.
  • Take 30 credits in General Education or subject area of your choice. The 30 credits include a one-credit wellness course.

You may have additional co-curricular requirements. These can include completing an ePortfolio and inter-disciplinary course work.

After fulfilling all program requirements, you will be awarded with an Associate of Arts in Honors Studies.


Why should I participate in the Honors Studies program?

There are many benefits. You can:

  • Stretch your intellectual and creative abilities. You will do this through higher levels of discussion, research, writing, oral presentation and technology.
  • Experience faculty mentorship.
  • Gain leadership experiences and skills.
  • Enjoy smaller class sizes (capped at 15).
  • Take advantage of transfer articulation agreements.


How are honors classes different?

Honors classes are smaller in size. This allows for more interaction between student and instructor.

Honors classes emphasize critical thinking and student input. They also offer a higher degree of independence allowed compared to other classes.


Are honors classes harder?

Not necessarily. HACC designed Honors classes to be both challenging and academically rewarding. You will study subjects in greater depth and possibly at a faster pace.


Are honors classes transferable?

They are just as transferable as the original class. This is because the original learning outcomes are maintained while Honors Studies outcomes are added.

The class subject and number remains the same. Four area institutions, including Dickinson College, have accepted the new Foundations (HONS 101H) and Capstone Seminars (HONOS 250H) as transfer electives.


How do I successfully transfer to another institution?

You should choose your transfer institution as soon as possible upon acceptance into the program. If you are unable to choose, you should at least narrow your transfer options.

You need to carefully plan to ensure you complete your General Education requirements field-specific courses. HACC requires you to complete these courses to fulfill the "non-honors" portion of your degree.

You should select your field/discipline concentration courses in consultation with the Honors Studies Program Director or counselor. This ensures courses are applied to the appropriate transfer or other degree requirements.


What transfer articulations are available?

We are working on articulation agreements with many of our common transfer partners in the coming months.


Am I eligible to take an honors class?

To be eligible for an honors class, you must:

  • Meet the Honors course prerequisites.
  • Be eligible for college-level English, which may not be the same as the non-Honors class.

To remain eligible for continued enrollment in Honors classes, you must also maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA in all Honors courses.


Why would I take honors classes without being in the Honors Studies program?

  • You can stretch your intellectual and creative abilities.
  • You enjoy smaller class sizes (capped at 15).
  • Classes appear on transcript. This helps with application to transfer colleges and employment/job-seeking.


Is the Honors Studies program the same as Phi Theta Kappa?

No. Phi Theta Kappa is a National Honor Society. The Honors Studies Program is an academic program specific to HACC. Learn more about Phi Theta Kappa.


Who can I contact for more information? 



Heather Burns, Director 
717-718-0328, ext. 3529