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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

HACC is reorganizing the Academic Affairs unit. Learn about our reorganization.


Why is HACC reorganizing the Academic Affairs unit?

The reorganization will better align the unit with the needs of HACC and our students. Academic Council considered everyone's input when developing the final reorganization plan. We incorporated these ideas into the final model. 


Will there be layoffs?

Every person within Academic Affairs is vital to HACC. We are not planning any layoffs with this phase of the reorganization. 

How will Academic Affairs change?

For more information on the changes to Academic Affairs, please download the documents below.

Common Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (pdf)
  • Response to questions from department chairs and campus forums (pdf)
  • Department list with disciplines (pdf)

    Functional Concept

  • Role descriptions (pdf)
  • Functional concept (pdf)
  • Organization chart (pdf)