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Online Student FAQs

Online Student FAQs

I have not received any information about logging onto my course. What should I do?

Access your course information packet by entering your course CRN in the "Find by CRN" box at the class schedule search. Access your online course by going to myHACC. Your user name is your Hawkmail prefix.  Your password is your HACC password.  Click "D2L (Brightspace)."

How do I view my syllabus online before the course begins?

You can typically find your course syllabus on the course information page one week before the semester begins. Enter your course CRN in the "Find by CRN" box located at the class schedule search.  If the syllabus is available, it will appear as a link under the Syllabus heading.

If there is no syllabus link, email your instructor at the email address indicated on the course description page. You will also be able to access your syllabus once the semester begins and you access to your online course.


Do I need any special computer software for my course?

The instructor will mention if any special software is required in the comments section of the course description or on the course syllabus. Make sure you have this software installed on your computer before beginning the course.


How do I access my online course?

You will be able to access your online course once the course is scheduled to begin. You will not be able to log on to the course before that date.

Access your online course by going to myHACC. Your user name is your Hawkmail prefix.  Your password is your HACC password.  Click "D2L (Brightspace)." Be sure to log into your course within the first 48 hours of the start of the course.

If you fail to do this, you may miss graded assignments that you cannot make up. Your instructor may drop you from the course for nonattendance.


How do I get my books? When will they be available?

Books and video materials are available at most campus bookstores two weeks before the semester begins. Visit the bookstore at the campus closest to you.

If you are unable to do this, you can order them through HACC's online bookstore. Go to http://bookstore.hacc.edu. Click on the "Textbooks" button near the top of the page and follow the instructions.

HACC recommends you purchase a new textbook. If you buy a used one, it may not have the access codes that you may need to access your online materials. Be sure to check with your instructor.


Do I need to be logged onto the computer at special times?

There may be occasions when your instructor schedules chat sessions. Most course interaction occurs on the course discussion board. You can access this board anytime. Check your online course syllabus for details.


How do I schedule and take proctored on-campus exams?

Check your syllabus to find out whether your course requires proctored exams. Find out if they need to be completed on the computer or on paper.

If your course requires paper-proctored exams, follow the exam instructions listed in the Online Learning Guide to Paper Testing. If your course requires proctored-computer exams, follow the exam instructions listed in the Online Learning Guide to Computerized Testing.


What if I am physically unable to come to one of HACC's campuses for scheduled exams?

If your course requires proctored exams, and you are unable to make it to campus, be sure to let your instructor know. You will need to secure a qualified proctor with the instructor's permission.

Please review and complete the Off-Site Proctor Form (pdf). The completed form must be mailed to your instructor for approval three weeks prior to your requested test date. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader®to view these files.


Do I have access to HACC's library resources?

Yes. The library has an extensive collection of resources, including online resources.

If you use on-campus resources, you must show your HACC photo student ID card.


May I use the computer labs on campus?

Yes. Each campus has computers available for student use. Contact the campus nearest you for details about computer availability.


May I use the Learning Center if I need help understanding my course materials?

Yes. Visit your campus Learning Center if you need help understanding course material. Learn more about tutoring services.

The college has subscribed to an online tutoring service called Smarthinking. This service is free to all HACC students and uses professional tutors. Learn more about Smarthinking.


How do I obtain a HACCid (student identification card)?

HACC issues HACCid cards to students. This ID card will be used collegewide to identify you as a HACC student, while protecting your privacy. Learn more about HACCids.