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eVolution Academy

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eVolution Academy

"The Academy was well-organized and well-managed. Feedback, grades and support were delivered quickly. The eBook was interesting, interactive and tailored well to the course. Each week the information was chunked down nicely and delivered in a variety of virtual formats that encouraged thought, creativity and participation. This course opens the door to a large variety of educational recourses for any type of classroom. I would definitely recommend eVolution Academy to any of my colleagues.”

- Margaret Brandt, M.F.A., Visual Arts Instructor


What is eVolution Academy?

eVolution Academy is an intensive four-week training course that focuses on online teaching methods and effective online course design. The course is taught via an iBooks Textbook and the Brightspace by D2L platform.

You will learn the following:

  • Best practices in e-learning and learning preferences (including ADA compliance)
  • Fundamentals of online course design
  • Tips for student engagement
  • Methods of interactivity

Upon completion, you will earn a transcript grade:

  • PA (pass with an A)
  • PB (pass with a B)
  • PC (pass with a C)


What is the eVolution Academy schedule?

eVolution Academy sections for Fall 2016:

  • Sept. 12 through Oct. 9, 2016
  • Oct. 24 through Nov. 20, 2016


What is eVolution Studio?

eVolution Studio is an online lab that can be taken after successful completion of eVolution Academy. HACC faculty are required to complete this lab in order to teach the College's online courses.

This is a hands-on experience that ends with a capstone course demonstration for a fully online class. You will earn a transcript grade of Pass/No Pass upon completion.

Rubrics that will be used and discussed include the Exemption Course Design Assessment Rubric, Online Teaching and Course Design Suitability Rubric, and Virtual Course Quality Checklist.

How do I register?

eVolution Academy and eVolution Studio are offered free to current HACC employees.  If you are not a HACC employee, you can receive the training for a tuition fee.

HACC employees can register online here.

Non-HACC employees should call 717-780-2591 or email for more information.