Camps on Campus

Camps on Campus

iCamp @ HACC, Lancaster Campus

HACC’s summer STEAM camp let’s students age 10-14 explore robotics, engineering, programming, and drone piloting. Delivered in partnership with Snapology, a leader in STEM learning, iCamp @ HACC encourages the development of 21st Century Skills through, creativity, problem solving, and fun!

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Camps will run Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. from June 18 through July 19. Note: There is no camp July 2 – July 5.

Registration is $389 per week and students may register for as few or as many weeks as they would like. Lunch is provided each day of camp.

iCamp Registration Form (PDF)

Week 1 6/18-6/21

Morning Session: Robot Olypmics

Afternoon Session: Advanced Minecraft

Week 2 6/25-6/28

Morning Session: Video Game Design

Afternoon Session: Robot Rescue Mission

Week 3 7/9-7/12

Morning Session: Robot Space Challenge

Afternoon Session: Drone Commander

Week 4 7/16-7/19

Morning Session Robot Mission Design

Afternoon Session: Animation Studio


Robotics Rescue Mission

There has been a devastating earthquake in the fictional town of Dalto, CA. Can you save the town? Students in this class will learn how to build and program an autonomous robot using LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 technology. Their new skills will be used to solve real-world problems and help the town after a natural disaster. Students will program and modify their robot to complete challenges set up on a large game board modeled after the town of Dalto, CA.


Robot Olympics

In Snapology's Robot Olympics, students will build and program robots to compete in sports themed challenges. Your child will learn both mechanical and computer programming concepts as they create robots that run races, play hockey, and much more. Students will work in groups, using LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 technology, to complete challenges. Your child is sure to have fun as they build, learn, and play.


Robot Space Challenge and Robot Mission Design

These Robotics Classes are based on FIRST LEGO® LEAGUE challenges. The best way to summarize FIRST LEGO League is to say that it is a robotics program for 9 to 14 year olds, which is designed to get children excited about science and technology and teach them valuable employment and life skills. Students work with LEGO® elements and moving parts to build ideas and concepts. Working in teams of 2-6 children, teams work to complete the Building Challenge and ’show off’ their project on the final day of the program.


Animation Studio (Let's Make a Movie)

Create amazing movies with stop motion animation using LEGO® bricks. Children will work in teams to produce their very own movie complete with dialogue and sound effects. Movies are uploaded to a secure site for family and friends to see how cool they are!


Video Game Design

Create your own video game in this awesome Snapology program. We'll teach you how to design your very own online game that can be shared and played at home with family & friends. Don’t miss out.


Drone Commander

In Snapology’s Drone Commander program, students will be introduced to the world of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and develop a deep understanding how to control and manage this exciting technology. In this workshop, children will learn about the types of UAVs, the parts needed for controlled flight, the forces of flight, basic drone safety, and a variety of flying maneuvers. This exciting program will give your child the chance to safely test out some of the newest advances in robotics and really take their knowledge of engineering to new heights!


Minecraft: Advanced

Minecraft® lovers unite! Snapology’s Advanced Minecraft® is a technical class involving advanced Minecraft® building using LEGO® bricks and game-play experience. Students will learn the art of crafting and stirring up their own potions using LEGO® bricks. You came, you saw, you mined at Snapology’s Advanced Minecraft®!


Contact Angella Dagenhart or 717-780-1160 with any questions.