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Machinist Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

Certified Production Technician- CPT     

The purpose of the Certified Production Technician program (CPT) is to recognize through certification, individuals who demonstrate mastery of the core competencies of manufacturing production at the front-line level (entry-level through front-line supervisor) through successful completion of the certification assessments. The goal of the CPT certification program is to raise the level of performance of production workers both to assist the individuals in finding higher-wage jobs and to help employers ensure their

The CPT program consists of four individual certificate modules: Safety; Quality Practices & Measurement; Manufacturing Processes & Production; and Maintenance Awareness. Candidates must earn the first four certificates to qualify for the full CPT certification. This class is taught through blended learning where students spend approximately 60 hours in instructor-led classroom learning and another 60 hours working on-line through interactive learning modules.  Students are given the opportunity to sit for industry recognized national certification exams through the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC).  Please call Rusty Brink at 717-221-1338 or email at for additional assistance or information.




IMT (Industrial Manufacturing Technician) Apprenticeship

Industrial Manufacturing Technicians (IMTs) operate and maintain production related equipment, work with manufacturing related tools, and perform work processes related to a wide variety of manufacturing settings. Apprentices will learn to set up, operate, monitor, and control production equipment. They will also help improve manufacturing processes and schedules to meet customer requirements. In order to obtain well-rounded training and thereby qualify as a skilled worker in the occupation, the apprentice shall have experience and training in the following areas and shall demonstrate competency, as specified herein. This instruction and experience shall include the following operations but not necessarily in the sequence given. Time spent on specific operations need not be continuous. Industry competency models outline skill sets and competencies that are essential to educate and train a globally competitive workforce. Entry—level critical work functions include:

Understand the various manufacturing types, processes, and products.

Understand the manufacturing business as a system that integrates multiple disciplines, processes, and stakeholders.

Manage raw materials/consumables.

Operate and control production equipment.

This course is a blended learning program that includes classroom discussions, on-line learning modules and on-the-job-training assignments for a total learning experience of 3000 hours, generally scheduled over an 18 month period.  We are passionate about providing a high-quality education and an opportunity for you to pursue your goals. Please contact Rusty Brink at 717-221-1338 or Jamie Eckrode at 717-221-1332 for more information.




Machinist / CNC Operator Certification Training

This 240-hour program is designed to teach students how to interpret blueprints, perform shop math calculations, work with precision measurements and measuring tools, set-up and complete projects on both traditional lathes and mills as well as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, perform basic and advanced machining operations, and make decisions to ensure that work quality is maintained.

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for employment in entry-level positions such as machine setup, operation, and programming while providing the fundamental knowledge and skills required to become an expert Machinist.  This training also teaches students attention to detail, the ability to work to close tolerances, the skills to improve their mechanical aptitude, and how to solve mechanical challenges by working through logical steps. Shop safety, including OSHA-10 Certification Training, and good shop work practices, including routine machine shop maintenance activities is also covered. The tuition for this class covers book and lab fees and a student tool kit.  Customization and personalized training options are also available.  Please call Rusty Brink at 717-221-1338 or email at for additional assistance or information.

Register Here for Machinist / CNC Operator Certification Training


Machinist Training Only

Want to work in the growing field of Fabrication and Machining? Interested in working with metal, wood, and plastics to create finished products? Take a closer look at becoming a Machinist. Our training program and fully- equipped Machine Shop provides students with the fundamental skills required to become an entry level Machinist. This course covers the essentials of shop math and measuring skills, geometric dimensioning and tolerances, industrial print reading, shop safety, and OSHA-10 General Industry Certification for those who successfully complete this on-line portion of the course. Students in this class will receive practical instruction and plenty of time to practice hands-on skills in turning, milling, and grinding using fundamental lathes and mills. The tuition for this class covers book and lab fees and a student tool kit.  Customization and personalized training options are also available.  Please call Rusty Brink at 717-221-1338 or email at for additional assistance or information.

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CNC Operator Training Only

This 120-hour course covers the application of computer numerical control of manufacturing methods. Numerical control and computer numerical control of machining processes are integrated with computer-aided drafting techniques using the latest versions of MasterCAM and SolidWorks. Students will learn how to import exchange files from CAD into a CAM program to create tool paths. The tuition for this class covers book and lab fees.  Students will have extensive opportunity to work with various HMI controls and current HASS CNC mills and lathes to develop and improve both programming and practical hands-on skills with state-of-the-art automated machining processes, set-ups, fixtures, troubleshooting and CNC maintenance.

Preauthorization is required for this class for those without prior machining experience – please call before registering.  Customization and personalized training options are also available.  Please call Rusty Brink at 717-221-1338 or email at for additional assistance or information on how we can make your training experience a valuable investment for you and your employer.

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NEW – Custom Shop Fridays and Friday Mini-Classes

These mini-trainings and custom shop options are designed for shops and machinists on the go.   This is your chance to enhance your existing machinist skills, learn something new or tailor your machining or operator skills training to meet your needs directly.  All of these custom options and mini-trainings will run on Fridays from 8 AM to 2 PM at HACC’s Midtown 1 Campus and lunch is included!    

For Custom Shop Fridays, please call Rusty Brink at 717-221-1338 or email at to put together your custom training plan.

For Friday Mini-Classes simply pick your topic of interest and register with the link below.  All Mini-Trainings are held from 8 AM to 3 PM on Fridays and lunch is included!


Industrial Blueprint Reading

This mini-training course teaches an introduction to basic industrial blueprint reading and interpretation.

Click here to register for Industrial Blueprint Reading


Shop Math 101

This mini-training class provides an introduction to basic machine shop math where we help take the fear out of the geometry, algebra and trigonometry necessary to become a proficient machinist.

Click here to register for Shop Math 101


GD&T – Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

This mini-training course will cover the fundamentals of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing necessary to be a top-notch machinist and quality control specialist.

Click here to register for Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing



In this 6 hour speed class, students will learn how to identify faulty or worn tooling, how to re-sharpen tooling, and how to use tooling in advanced ways to get the job done faster.

Click here to register for Tooling



This course will provide students with the basic skills and practice to learn how to properly perform machine turning.

Click here to register for Turning


G&M Code

This quick course will cover the fundamentals of G & M Code used in CNC programming applications to best maximize machine and operator performance.

Click here to register for G&M Code


Machine Set-Up

This is a mini-training course for experienced operators who want to take the next step to learning how to become a proficient machine set-up specialist.

Click here to register for Machine Set-Up


CNC Machine Maintenance

If you are looking for a way to add value and increase your contribution as an operator, this quick course in CNC Machine Maintenance will add important skills and abilities to your personal toolbox.

Click here to register for CNC Machine Maintenance