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Checklist for Veterans

Checklist for veterans

Learn how to access your veteran's benefits.

How do I access my veteran's benefits?

1.  Contact HACC's Military and Veteran Affairs Office (MVAO).

  • Set up an appointment to obtain information about VA chapter eligibility. 
  • You may schedule your MVAO appointment on the same day as your placement test.
  • Hours vary based on semester and campus. View MVAO hours and contact information.

2.  Apply for benefits.

    • Chapter 30, 33, 1606 &1607 —VA form 22-1990
    • Chapter 33 Dependent —VA Form 22-1990E
    • Chapter 35 —VA Form 22-5490
  • Electronically attach DD-214 or NOBE to your application. Do this when applying online.
  • Electronically attach any additional entitlement (e.g. Kicker, NOBE, College Fund).

3.  Print out the submitted application and a copy of your DD-214 or NOBE.

  • Bring these to your VA briefing appointment.

4.  Meet with your academic advisor. Register for classes.

5.  Submit the Yellow Sheet on myHACC.

  • You need to submit a Yellow Sheet every semester. You must also submit a Yellow Sheet when you add a class.

What is Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)?

  • FTA is for Army National Guard and All Reserve forces.
  • Apply for FTA each semester through your unit of assignment.
  • Submit your approval paperwork to HACC's Student Accounts or MVAO. We will place a financial hold on your account. HACC will bill for the tuition and fees if approved.

What is Educational Assistance Program (EAP)?

  • EAP is for National Guard forces.
  • Apply for EAP each semester through your unit of assignment. You must apply by June 30 each year.
  • Contact HACC's MVAO every semester to confirm EAP status. We will place a financial hold on your account.
  • Once you receive your certificate of eligibility, you must submit a copy to our office.
Download a printer-friendly version of this checklist (pdf).