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Federal Grants

Federal Grants

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How do I apply for a Federal Pell Grant? The government bases your Federal Pell Grant eligibility on:

You must complete the FAFSA each academic year. This will enable the government to calculate the EFC.

How many Pell Grants can I get?

The government limits you to no more than six years of full-time Pell Grants in your lifetime.

When do I need to apply for a Pell Grant?

You can submit the FAFSA anytime during your period of enrollment.

What is the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)?

The SEOG is a grant for students with exceptional need. The government awards it as part of the total financial aid package.

How do I apply for an SEOG?

Submit the FAFSA. Your eligibility and awarded amount may vary from year to year. They depend on institutional funding.

When should I apply for an SEOG?

The government makes funds limited. The government gives preference to students who file the FAFSA by April 15th.