Paying For School

Repaying Your Loans

Repaying your loans

Learn more about managing your student loans.

How can I keep track of all of my student loans?

Use the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). It can help you manage all of your student loans. This includes loans from every institution you have attended.

You will need your federal PIN to access your information.

The federal government requires HACC to provide your loan information. The government uses this information to update the NSLDS.

What calculators can I use to manage my loans?

Can my student loans be forgiven through bankruptcy?

The government will not forgive or discharge your student loans through bankruptcy. This includes both federal and private education loans. This is very different from most other forms of personal debt.

What happens if I default on my loan?

Your loan will go into default if you do not pay it for 270 days.

Defaulting on a loan will result in:

  • Collection fees
  • Poor credit ratings
  • The loss of tax refunds
  • Wage garnishment. Up to 15% of what you earn will go towards the defaulted loan.

Learn more about the consequences of default.