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Add and Drop Deadlines

The refund amount for which you are eligible is in direct accordance with the regulations set forth by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education. Refunds are based upon the total cost of the course and the premise that you have paid the balance in full, e.g. one-hundred percent refund or fifty percent refund of the total cost of the course.

If you are enrolled in a course with a start and/or end meeting date that does not conform to its part-of-term dates (shown below), please contact the Welcome Center to determine the refund eligibility and withdrawal deadlines for that course.

In extenuating circumstances, exceptions to the refund dates as noted below may apply. You may inquire about eligibility for reversal of tuition charges  at your campus Welcome Center. Deadlines to apply for the reversal of tuition charges are: June 15 of the same year for spring term classes, September 1 of the same year for summer classes, and January 15 for prior year fall term classes.

We encourage all students to speak with  an advisor and the campus Financial Aid Office prior to dropping a course in order to determine the impact on your educational goals and financial aid award.

Spring 2017 Drop and Refund Deadlines* Refund Deadlines Drop Deadline

Part of

Part of Term

Number of

Start Date

Last Day
of Class

Last Day to drop
at Full Refund

Last Day to Drop
at Half Refund

Last Day to Drop
a Course for the 
Part of Term
1 Full Term 15 01-17-2017 05-10-2017 01-25-2017 02-07-2017 04-10-2017
2 1st 7 Weeks 7 01-17-2017 03-05-2017 01-20-2017 01-24-2017 02-20-2017
3 2nd 7 Weeks 7 03-13-2017 05-01-2017 03-16-2017 03-20-2017 04-17-2017
4 1st 5 Weeks 5 01-17-2017 02-20-2017 01-20-2017 01-24-2017 02-13-2017
5 2nd 5 Weeks 5 02-21-2017 04-03-2017 02-24-2017 02-28-2017 03-17-2017
6 3rd 5 Weeks 5 04-04-2017 05-08-2017 04-08-2017 04-11-2017 04-29-2017
CHS College in High School Varies Varies Varies 2nd Friday after class start N/A Varies
L Late Spring 12 01-30-2017 05-10-2017 02-06-2017 02-16-2017 03-28-2017
T Study Tour Varies Varies Varies Consult Center for Global Educ. N/A N/A