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HACC's webinars give future virtual learning students the opportunity to learn about online programs, explore how online classes work, find out more about the admission process, and more. 

Upcoming Webinars:
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For Cyber High School Students:

All high school students, who attend a cyber charter school, are invited to a monthly webinar series highlighting various aspects of the college admission process, the college experience, and beyond. This webinar series hosted by HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College and Agora Cyber Charter School, will be held in an online Adobe Connect classroom from 11:45 a.m.-12:30p.m. eastern time once a month during the academic school year. You may register for all the webinars or just the webinars that draw your interest. Once registered, students are emailed the link to attend. For questions or more information, contact Emily Fox, Virtual Learning Admission Counselor at ejfox@hacc.edu or 717-780-2347.

  • Tues, March 14, 2017: Interviewing Techniques
    First comes the resume then comes the interview. What do you need to do to prepare for an interview and be on your A-game? Hear recommendations from HACC Career Services on how to make the most out of an interview.
  • Tues, April 18, 2017: How to Pick a Major and a Job
    What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a big, loaded question with lots of different options. HACC offers a variety of different programs that can lead students to a multitude of varying jobs. If you are not sure which path you want to take, this is the perfect session start thinking about what you may study and ultimately, what you may do as a job.
  • Tues, May 9, 2017: HACC Monthly Webinar Series Recap
    Need a refresher on all of the information shared throughout the HACC monthly webinar series? This session will highlight aspects from each webinar through the year and reminding you of information that you want to keep in the front and center when thinking about all aspects of college and starting a desired job.  

Previous Webinars (available to view on-demand):

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Have additional questions about our webinars?

Please contact Emily Fox, Virtual Learning Admissions Counselor, by phone at 800-ABC-HACC, or by email at ejfox@hacc.edu