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Early College Academy

Early College Academy

High school seniors in the Gettysburg area may be eligible for HACC's Early College Academy (ECA) –a program designed to prepare college-bound students for their next academic endeavor.  Recommended students at participating high schools take two courses (six credits) at HACC's Gettysburg Campus during the semester. The coursework can count toward a high school diploma AND a college degree.

HACC Gettysburg Campus and the following high schools offer this program:

  • Bermudian Springs High School
  • Biglerville High School
  • Delone Catholic High School
  • Fairfield Area High School
  • Gettysburg Area High School
  • Hanover High School
  • Littlestown Senior High School
  • New Oxford High School
  • South Western High School

What are the benefits?

Students will:

  • Experience college coursework while building study habits and even real-world career skills
  • Take classes alongside non-high school HACC students
  • Receive the same high-quality instruction from expert-level faculty that they would in a college-degree program
  • Choose from a variety of college courses, like English, communications, math, biology, philosophy, theater and more
  • Take advantage of HACC's student services, including advising, tutoring, study facilities and academic resources
  • Experience life as a college student, both socially and academically
  • Ease the transition from high school to college and explore the areas of study that truly interest you

Am I eligible for ECA?


You must be a senior and ready for college-level work. Your high school administration must recommend you for ECA.

What classes are offered?

A HACC Admissions Counselor will work with your high school counselor to determine your course options.  You can:

  • Choose from a variety of classes.
  • Experience course content and syllabi identical to "regular" HACC courses.
  • Attend class with HACC students.

What are the college faculty like?

HACC faculty generally have a Master's degree or higher. Students find HACC faculty to be enthusiastic, engaging and challenging. Each faculty member holds regular office hours to answer your questions.

How Can I Get Started?

Admission to the Early College Academy program is open only to seniors and requires a recommendation from either a high school counselor or principal. While there is no set GPA requirement, students must have an academic track record that proves readiness for college coursework. Interested students must complete HACC's Dual Enrollment application. To get started, contact Sara Maines, Gettysburg Campus Admissions Counselor - by email - slmaines@hacc.edu or phone - (717) 337-3855.