New Students

Early College Academy

Early College Academy

Early College Academy (ECA) is a new program for high school seniors. Selected students will take two courses at HACC during the fall semester (6 credits). You can apply these credits to your high school requirements.

HACC Gettysburg Campus and the following high schools offer this program:

  • Bermudian Springs High School
  • Biglerville High School
  • Delone Catholic High School
  • Fairfield Area High School
  • Gettysburg Area High School
  • Hanover High School
  • Littlestown Senior High School
  • New Oxford High School
  • South Western High School


Why should I participate in ECA?

  • You get to experience college life during your senior year. Your college course can prepare you for higher education.
  • You will learn from HACC's student-centered faculty.
  • You can take advantage of HACC's campus resources. Resources involve student life, academic support and enrichment activities.
  • ECA combines a college experience with the traditional milestones of your senior year. You can experience college life and attend high school events, such as homecoming, with your friends too.
  • For the fall semester, you participate in Friday Seminars that will help you transition from high school to college. 


What classes are offered?

  • Choose a variety of classes.
  • Course content and syllabi are identical to "regular" HACC courses.
  • You will attend class with HACC students.


How do I decide which courses to take?

A HACC advisor will consult with your high school advisor. They will help you decide on the best course options. You may need to take a placement test if it is required as a course pre-requisite.


Am I eligible for ECA?

You must be a senior and ready for college-level work. Your high school administration must recommend you for ECA.


Are there payment options?

Students pay HACC's prevailing tuition rates (currently $250 per credit). The prevailing tuition rate does not include the cost of textbooks and/or additional course fees.

HACC's tuition is the lowest in Central Pennsylvania. HACC may be able to offer a nominal tuition subsidy if you have financial need.

Payment options include credit card, check or the HACC Payment Plan (HPP).


How do I apply to ECA?

High school seniors can apply to ECA. You need to submit the following:


SATs and ACTs are not required. There is no "minimum" high school GPA requirement. However, we take your high school grades into consideration.

Please note: High school students cannot apply online. We will only consider complete applications.


What are the college faculty like?

HACC faculty generally have a Master's degree or higher. Students find HACC faculty to be enthusiastic, engaging and challenging. Each faculty member holds regular office hours to answer your questions.


How do I learn more?

The Office of College Pathways can provide more information on enrollment steps. Contact Kristin Carr, Coordinator for the Office of College Pathways at (717) 801-3255 or via e-mail at kgcarr@hacc.edu.