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Admissions FAQs

Admissions FAQs

1. How do I apply to HACC? 

Complete the free online application for admission.

2. Will I get admitted to HACC?

HACC has an open admissions policy. You need to meet one of the following conditions in order to be admitted: 

  • Earned a high school diploma or received a General Education Development Diploma (GED)
  • Satisfied the conditions for early admission of secondary school students
  • Are 18 years or older -the College confirms you will benefit from your chosen educational program


There are also special categories for admission. Learn more about:


3. How much does HACC cost?

View tuition and fees.


4. Where is HACC?

5. What programs and majors does HACC offer?

6. Can I visit HACC?


7. How do I take HACC coursework in high school?

There are two ways:

1.Early Admissions (On Campus)

2. High School Programming (At High School)


8. How do I enroll as an international student (F-1 Visa)?

Learn about International Admission.


9. Which major should I choose?

Learn more about the different majors.


10. How do I talk to an admissions recruiter?

11. What if I am attending another college or university and want to take coursework?

12. How do I transfer to another school to earn a bachelor's degree?