Meet the Staff

Our office provides services in the area of recruitment, employment, orientation, retention, separation, labor and legal relations, compensation, benefit administration, College policy development and compliance, training and development, attendance and leave management, and student employment. In addition, any questions relating to payroll services can be answered in our office.

Human Resources Mission

The Human Resources Office is dedicated to supporting the College's mission and goals, improving processes, and providing high quality, cost-effective services to meet the needs and support the success of the administration, faculty, staff, and students by continually formulating effective human resource strategies, policies, procedures, programs, and services through collaboration with the President and his/her Cabinet.


Aimee Brough
Chief Human Resources Officer
Location: TL-205C
Phone: 717-736-4122
Email: abbrough@hacc.edu

Aimee Brough

  Della A. Archer, MHRM
Director, Employee Relations
Location: TL-205E
Phone: 717-736-4133
Email: daarche2@hacc.edu
  Holly Bailor
Human Resources Representative/HR Recruiter
Location: W126
Phone: 717-221-1769
Email: hmbailor@hacc.edu

Holly Bailor

  Amy Devanney
Human Resources Representative/HR Recruiter
Location: W206A
Phone: 717-780-2679
Email: aedevann@hacc.edu

Amy Devanney


Amy Berrier
Director, Compensation/HRIS
Location: TL-205B
Telephone: 717-736-4132
Email: arberrie@hacc.edu

Amy Berrier


Patricia Bowen
Professional Development Coordinator
Location: TL-206C
Telephone: 717-736-4129
Email: pabowen@hacc.edu

Patricia Bowen


Christopher Clements
Coordinator, Compensation
Location: TL-206B
Telephone: 717-736-4131
Email: cjclemen@hacc.edu

Christopher Clements


Yesenia Groft
Director, HR Recruitment
Location: TL 205F
Telephone: 717-736-4134
Email: yngroft@hacc.edu

  Groft Jessie

  Kevin Johnson
Director, Employee Health and Safety
Location:  TL-205D
Phone:  717-736-4137
Email:  kwjohns2@hacc.edu

  Kevin Johnson


Glenna Stump
Director, HR Operations and Administration
Location: TL-205A
Phone: 717-736-4126
Email: ggstump@hacc.edu

Glenna Stump


Janet Walker
Benefits Coordinator
Location: TL-206A
Phone: 717-736-4124
Email: jvwalker@hacc.edu