Human Resources Classification and Compensation

 The purpose of the compensation administration/job evaluation program is to provide an objective system which can be used to relate salaries to the organization value of each job as well as to the value of the individuals within each job. In addition, the objectives of HACC’s program are to:

  • Clearly defines the responsibilities and requirements of each job through written job classifications and task lists.
  • Determine the relative value of each job to the College by identifying differentials between jobs based on relative differences in decision making, job responsibilities, knowledge, experience, and complexities.
  • Develop a salary structure that provides internal equity among jobs and flexibility for administering salaries, which will attract, retain, and motivate qualified personnel.
  • Compensate all employees on an equitable basis without regard to impermissible or discriminatory factors.
  • Promote and maintain effective communications throughout the College with regard to compensation administration and job evaluation.

Salary structures are established and based on analysis of pay practices for comparable jobs in an appropriate geographic area. The dollar ranges within the salary structure are intended to establish the general level of salaries that will be paid.

The Board of Trustees each year adopts a salary schedule for all faculty. Minimum and maximum ranges are established for 9½ month faculty effective the beginning of each fiscal year. The ranges for 12 month faculty are determined by multiplying the minimum and maximum by 1.25. Administrative and classified employees at HACC are assigned, by job to a salary range structure that is divided into two areas of consideration; the area below the midpoint and that above the mid point. Administrative, professional, and classified employees who have met a minimum defined level of expectation in the performance of their job during the year will normally be eligible for a pay for performance increase annually. The amount to be granted as a pay for performance increase may vary according to the College’s budget for salary increases and the employee’s level of performance. New employees hired after January 1 will receive a percentage increase equal to the percentage increase in the salary schedule for that year. Salary increases are effective on July 1 (12 month) or the beginning of the Fall Semester (9½ month).