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Exercise Science / Physical Education


This program prepares students to transfer to a baccalaureate degree program in Exercise Science, Adult Health, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, and similar curricula in Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Graduation Requirements
Course Descriptions (select Exercise Science)
Advising Checksheet (pdf)

Exercise Science Track
Graduates of such baccalaureate programs find employment in health, wellness, health management, health center and fitness center program management, corporate health and wellness programs, health and physical education teaching, exercise physiology teaching and research, medical exercise rehabilitation programs, adult fitness programs and related fields. The curriculum includes general education requirements, a basic science and math foundation and a broad base in discipline-related courses such as exercise physiology, nutrition, kinesiology and exercise measurement and prescription. In addition, the program will prepare the students to sit for nationally accredited exams in the field of exercise science such as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

Education Track: Health and Physical Education
The Colleges range of education programs allows students planning a career in teaching to complete the first two years of a transfer program and earn an associate in science degree whether they plan to teach in elementary or secondary schools. All students should be aware of the standards of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and that they specify different preparations for elementary and secondary school teachers.

The PA State Board of Education passed new requirements for admission to, as well as exit from, professional education programs. On October 7, 2000, Title 22 of the PA School Code, Chapter 354, became law. This regulation affects every institution that prepares teachers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These requirements affect all (elementary and secondary) bachelor’s level-education programs for PA Teacher Certification. Students who complete 48 credit hours after August 15, 2002 but prior to August 15, 2003 must have a 2.8 GPA (3.0 GPA after August 15, 2003) to enter professional courses leading to initial teacher certification. They will also be required to attain a qualifying score on the PRAXIS-I Academic Skills Assessment test.

Each student will be required to have an Act 34 Criminal Background Investigation and an Act 151 Child Abuse Clearance prior to any practicum/student teaching experience and employment. The student should consider these factors prior to enrolling in this program.

Since the requirements of senior institutions vary widely, it is essential to choose an intended transfer institution as soon as possible and carefully follow the program described in that college’s catalog. The entire program is available at the Harrisburg Campus; some required courses are available at the Lancaster, Lebanon and Gettysburg Campuses and at other sites.

Career Opportunities

Students entering the Exercise Science Major will be preparing themselves for a career in health / wellness / fitness centers, program instruction & management, personal training (ACSM), corporate health & wellness programs, medical exercise rehabilitation programs, adult fitness and recreation programs.

This curriculum is designed to prepare the students with ability to:
  • enroll in advanced academic work at a four-year institution in one of the exercise science professions
  • sit for nationally accredited exams in the field of exercise science (ACSM, NSCA, etc.)
  • conduct complete fitness assessments and prescribe exercise programs to the public explain how the body works and how it is affected by environmental factors
  • describe liability issues facing the student as they go to work in this "hands-on" profession
For additional information, contact any of the following faculty: 

Debra R. Morris, Department Chair  717-780-2530
Amy Kusmiesz  717-780-2531
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