President's Fund for Excellence

Transforming HACC will require strong college support and change. It will also require new, flexible and ongoing sources of revenue that can be invested quickly as needs arise and promising big ideas surface. The President's Fund for Excellence is a vital resource that enables HACC to address the immediate priorities of today, while building a stable foundation for the future. In times of financial difficulty, unrestricted and discretionary money is worth its weight in gold to a college. Gifts to the President's Fund for Excellence give the College the capacity to meet pressing needs as they arise, launch special initiatives and capitalize on new opportunities to strengthen student programs.

 Lincoln Lectures and Library Exhibit

Lincoln President's Fund

HACC's 50th Anniversary Birthday Party
Kick-off Celebration and 50th
Anniversary Gala

50th Anniversary Gala

Rapid Prototype Machines
 (3-D printers) donated by TE
Connectivity Foundation
3D Printer

HACC Foundation
HACC Foundation