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  Scholarship Campaign
In celebration of over 20 years of HACC's presence in Lancaster, the campus is raising scholarship funds to enable students from the Lancaster region to access quality and affordable higher education to proactively support our region's evolving labor pool and workforce development needs.

Scholarships will increase access to higher education, enhance recruitment and retention of students, particularly those who are economically disadvantaged, provide resources to lead to completion of a degree, certificate, or career skills program and offer assistance to students who do not qualify for federal and state funding sources. Funding will support student needs for tuition, fees, books, equipment, childcare and transportation. Efforts will focus on three opportunities:

  • Lancaster Champions - Provides funding to students graduating from the Lancaster region's high schools.
  • Adult Career Pathways - Provides funding to support students launching a new career or enhancing their current path.
  • Campus Scholars - Provides support to students enrolled in a transfer-oriented program to further their education.

Scholarship assistance can make the difference in whether a student remains in class, on a career path and ultimately emerges to find employment within Lancaster County. Conversely, if scholarship assistance is not available, the same student may sit out a semester or abandon academic and career goals altogether, perhaps finding minimum wage employment and earning far less than a family-supporting wage.

Lancaster County leaders have identified access to quality education for all county residents as their top priority. In its "Lancaster 2020, Shaping Our Future" Summary Report (January 2009) Executive Summary, participants discussed 31 specific opportunities for change and voted for the opportunities they believed were the most promising "to guide the community's effort toward change." Education was deemed the top priority because it impacts "both the individual and the community as a whole by improving employability, citizenship skills and lifestyles."

HACC's Lancaster Campus believes in the talent within its student population and further believes in preparing students to become exemplary workers in business and industry throughout Lancaster County. Without scholarship assistance, talented students may never join the ranks of those in high-demand career fields. For the long-term economic growth and vitality of the entire region, scholarships are more critically needed than ever before.

Please consider supporting our Lancaster Campus students to achieve their educational goals.
Fundraising Goal: $600,000

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