Interview with the Board Chair

Meet Jim Grandon, Chair, HACC Foundation Board of Directors
James Grandon, Jr. was named chair of the HACC Foundation Board of Directors, beginning in 2011-12. A Harrisburg native and Mechanicsburg resident, Grandon was owner and president of Jack Gaughen Realtors for 20 years. He now owns Grandon Real Estate, Inc., and is president and owner of G&L Construction Co. He has been actively involved in the community with the West Shore and Harrisburg chambers of commerce, the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, the Boy Scouts, the Harrisburg Symphony, and the Harrisburg Community Theatre, among other organizations. He and his wife, Jean, have two children and three grandchildren.

Q. Tell us a little about what you bring to your role as chair.
A. I think I bring a level of volunteerism that is needed for HACC to continue to grow. I have always been able to raise money. People will take my phone calls, listen, understand, and, many times, help with the cause. I’m a 72-year-old guy who has had a lot of success, and I think I can do it one more time.

Q. You've given generously of both your time and financial support to the college through the HACC Foundation. What motivates you to give?
A. I have always believed that you should give back more than you receive. This country and the community have been very generous to me, especially since I do not have a college diploma. I came right off the farm, worked hard, and today I feel it is my obligation to help others succeed. Jean and I have a scholarship program at Messiah, and I am starting one at HACC. If my dollars can help someone live their American dream then I have left this world in a better place for my having been here.

Q. What's your vision for the HACC Foundation? What would you like to accomplish?
A. What I would like to see is for the HACC Foundation to become more visible throughout the community. We need to educate the community about what HACC is and what it has become. The business community has never let good causes like HACC down. I’m counting on their support to help the HACC Foundation meet a goal of increasing scholarships by 25 percent over the next three years.

Q. What would you like readers to know about the HACC Foundation?
1. HACC provides an education for those who might not have the resources to attend a four-year school.
2. HACC also provides for local people who are gainfully employed locally to continue their education so that they have a better chance of advancement.
3. The average student is 26 years of age, raising a family, many times as a single parent, and works full time.
4. The average student depends on scholarships from contributions provided by local employers.
5. More than 85 percent of all graduates remain within the Central Pennsylvania region.

Q. If someone is interested in learning more about giving to the HACC Foundation, what can he or she do?
I am willing to sit down and talk with anyone interested in getting involved as I have done in the past three years. It will be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. The future of our great nation is our children, so why not help?

To contact the HACC Foundation, call (717) 780-2321 or send an email to foundation@hacc.edu.

Jim Grandon