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HACC Foundation Online Scholarship Management System

General Scholarship Application Help

If this is your first time using the online scholarship system, please make sure to first sign up for an account. Sign up for an account at
If you have already created an account
, please sign in using your HAWK email address and the password you created. Sign in to your account at

Sign Up

You must use your HAWK email address and a new password to sign up for the HACC Foundation Online Scholarship Management System. Once you sign up, you must log on to your HAWK email account to confirm your login. Please make sure to check your spam folder for this email. Once you have confirmed your account, you can sign in.

  • Note: The confirmation email link is only valid to sign in your first time. After your first sign in, visit to sign in.
  • Didn't Get Your Confirmation Email? On the sign in page, click Trouble Signing In? and choose Resend Confirmation
  • Getting Invalid Email When Signing Up? Be sure to create a new password. Do not use the password to your HAWK email account.
  • Forgot Your Password? On the sign in page, click Trouble Signing In? and choose Recover Password.
  • Is Your Account Locked? If you try to log in 10 times unsuccessfully, your account will be locked for one hour. After one hour, you can try to access this account again.

IMPORTANT! If you are offered a scholarship you will receive notification via email. Check you HAWK email account regularly for scholarship offers and next steps.

Getting Started
Please complete your General Application form. Please choose "Finish and Continue" to submit your application. If you want to save and come back later, choose "Save and Keep Editing."  When you complete your General Application form, you are automatically matched to scholarships for which you meet the donor's criteria. No other action is needed with these scholarships.

You will also be presented with a list of Recommended scholarship opportunities. These scholarships require additional information, such as essays or additional criteria. Please click on the scholarship name to review the criteria. We encourage you to apply for scholarships where you meet the donor's additional requirements.

FAQ's- HACC Foundation Online Scholarship Management System

How do I apply for scholarship opportunities?

What are "Recommended" scholarship opportunities?

How do I apply for these "Recommended" scholarship opportunities?

How do I manage my "Recommended" scholarship opportunities?

Is there a limit to how many "Recommended" scholarship opportunities I can apply?

Do I need additional documentation for these "Recommended" scholarship opportunities?

How can I tell if my reference has submitted the letter?

Can I change my reference contact?

Can I save my application and come back later?

How does the online scholarship database match me to scholarship opportunities?

What if some of the information the system automatically imported is incorrect?

How will I know what scholarship opportunities I applied for?

How will I know if I was awarded a scholarship?

Why do some scholarship opportunities have an award amount and other opportunities say "varies"?

How do I write a biographical essay?

How do I submit a thank-you letter?

What if my thank-you letter will not upload?

Will I receive a confirmation when my thank-you letter uploads?

Why are there not any scholarship opportunities showing for current deadlines?

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