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Receiving your Financial Aid

How Will I Find Out About How Much Financial Aid I Will Be Receiving?

Students are awarded financial aid on a rolling basis so it depends on when you filed the FAFSA form and the date that your file was considered complete.

If you complete the FAFSA on-line or provide an email address on the paper FAFSA form, you will receive an e-mail from the federal processor indicating the date your FAFSA has been processed. The email will include your Student Aid Report (SAR) which is an outline of the information you provided on your FAFSA.

You should check the SAR to ensure that no mistakes were made on the financial aid application and make corrections if necessary. The SAR will notify you if you are selected for Verification or have any other outstanding issues.

HACC mails out award letters for the upcoming year for newly admitted students at the end of April. All other students are awarded in late June once grades are posted and academic progress checked. Your award letter will show the type and amount of financial aid you qualified for at the College.
Do not make any changes to your FAFSA/SAR after you receive an award letter from HACC. If you find you made an error and you have already received an award letter from HACC, contact the Financial Aid Office at the campus you attend.

What is "Verification"?

Each year about 50 percent of students who file a FAFSA are randomly chosen for "Verification": a process of confirming data supplied by the applicant and/or parents on the financial aid application. HACC also reserves the right to select students who have discrepancies on the FAFSA application.


Tip: If you want to lessen your chances of being selected for verification it is important that you (and your parents if applicable) retrieve  the data from your tax return directly from the IRS when filing the FAFSA. This is generally available 10-14 days after you electronically file your federal income taxes.

If your application is selected for verification, or if there are discrepancies on your aid application information, you will receive notification from us detailing the documents that you and/or your parents must submit to complete your file.

Aid funds cannot be disbursed to you until you have submitted all requested documents and the accuracy of your information has been checked. Do not submit any documents unless we request that you do so. This process can take several weeks so it is important that you submit the requested information quickly and ensure that it is completed properly.
If you are selected for verification and you filed taxes, copies of your tax returns are NOT acceptable. You must 

contact the IRS directly and request a tax transcript. You should also keep copies of all W-2's.  In addition to tax information, you may on occasion be required to submit proof of separation/divorce, marriage licenses, Social Security Cards, birth certificates, proof if you are a non-citizen, DD214's or other legal documentation.

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