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Parents and Students

Preparing for your education is a long term commitment. We've developed the following pages to give our student's families the "know how" to plan their path to graduation. 

In this section you will find valuable information regarding federal tax breaks for families. Overall, many of these educational credits and deductions help families cut the tuition price to levels lower than they’ve been over most of the last decade. We've also included a section called "Tips for Parents" to assist them in understanding the educational process. Parents can actually help by understanding the issues their child may encounter and taking some of the stress out of a complex process. 

Your privacy is extremely important to us. Students and parents should know that HACC places significant importance on keeping your information safe and secure. One way that we do this is to require written consent to disclose information to anyone other than the student. Students must sign an Authorization to Release Information form if they wish to have another individual inquire about their records. The release form must be signed in front of a HACC representative or a high school representative, if the student is currently in high school. 

As a part of the Higher Education Act of 1998, Congress directed schools receiving Federal financial aid to assist students who have not yet registered to vote. We've included links to voter registration to encourage our students to register and vote. 


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