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Financial Aid Tips for Parents

What can I do  to help my son or daughter when it comes to applying for financial aid?
Get a PIN to electronically "sign" your son or daughter's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) when applying for aid online. Together, make time to complete the FAFSA and always keep them aware of where they are in the financial aid process - filing applications, verification, understanding loans, and knowing what comes next because we deal with them and not you.

Is it important that my daughter or son decide on a major by their first semester of college?
Maybe. Students who are planning to use financial aid to pay for school, or if they have a scholarship that requires them to be degree seeking, must declare a major in order to receive the funds. Some schools offer General Studies as a major, allowing students to take core classes in their first year. This buys them some time to make a decision about their major. Using the first year to explore options is a good idea but students should visit with representatives from the school they plan to attend to determine school requirements. Keep in mind that as a requirement for financial aid, students must be taking courses that apply to their major.

What if my son or daughter is having difficulty in a class?

The student should meet with the class instructor. The instructor can assist the student with pinpointing test material, or possibly giving them extra credit. The instructor can refer the student to the Learning Resource Center if a tutor is needed. If those efforts are unsuccessful, advisors can assist the student through a variety of methods, including decreasing their class load. The student should also check with the Financial Aid Office, or others, to see if decreasing his or her class load will affect financial aid, scholarships or campus employment.

How to get a certificate to confirm my son or daughter’s enrollment for insurance purposes?

When proof of your enrollment is required, HACCWeb gives your son or daughter the ability to PRINT THEIR OWN ENROLLMENT CERTIFICATES!

Go online to > HACCWeb > Enter Secure Area > student must enter their HACC ID and PIN > Student Services and Financial Aid menu > Student Records > Enrollment Verification link. This will take you to the National Student Clearinghouse website. Just follow their instructions to obtain the enrollment certificate.

Do I have to pay my son's or daughter’s bill if they are eligible for financial aid?

YES - If their estimated financial aid award is NOT ENOUGH TO COVER THEIR BILL, you are responsible for paying the difference by the bill due date. To pay the difference, you have the option of either applying for a Federal Direct PLUS Loan or the Welcome Center or Student Accounts/Cashiering Office at your campus can discuss the various options for payment with you.

NO - If their estimated financial aid award is GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO THEIR BILL. Students can print a “Real Time Bill” from HACCWeb by going online to  > HACCWeb > student must enter their HACC ID and PIN > Student Services and Financial Aid menu > Student Records > Real Time Bill > list the term > hit "Request Schedule Bill".

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