Department Info:

  • Staff: Deb Eichenberger, Coordinator
    Todd Gilbert, Groundskeeper
    Ray Wiersma, Arboretum Specialist
    Louiszita Summers, Grounds Utility

  • Hours: Winter Hours: 7AM - 3PM
    Summer Hours:6:30AM-4PM

A recent study of 16,000 students at 46 locations validates that 62% choose an institution based on condition and appearance of the facilities buildings and grounds.

The Grounds/Arboretum Dept is responsible for the green spaces and gardens on HACC's 212 acre campus. Includes 9 gardens, 70 large planters, and numerous flower bed displays. Grounds duties cover both ornamental and native non-invasive plants, along with the maintaining of a unique urban nature trail that support various cavity nesting birds such as the Eastern Bluebird. The grounds department often also takes roles in maintenance, especially snow removal.

The Harrisburg Campus is a living laboratory and arboretum registered with the American Public Gardens Association.

We have over 600 trees planted on campus, the oldest being over 200 years old. Staff produced and planted 450 new flowering shrubs on campus in 2006. Over 8,000 plants were grown in our greenhouses for the 2006 season. There will be more plants planted for the 2007 season to include the York Center and other campuses. All this is maintained by four staff persons with assistance from 2 to 3 seasonal staff.

In August 2007, the college launches its two-year degree and certificate programs in Horticulture. The students will use the grounds facilities and arboretum as a major part of their studies.

Grounds Staff

Pink and White Flower

Cooper Footbridge