What We Do

It is our duty to care for and maintain all buildings and grounds of each and every HACC campus.

Inside the buildings:

  • cleaning, dusting, and collecting trash
  • cleaning windows
  • cleaning, mopping and waxing floors
  • vacuuming carpets
  • monitor and maintain temperature in the buildings
  • monitor the electricity and water and gas

Outside the buildings:

  • cutting the grass
  • clearing the snow and ice
  • maintain parking lots
  • maintaining the flower beds
  • signs

Shipping, receiving, mail delivery and warehouse and storage:

  • shipping packages
  • receiving and sending mail
  • receiving equipment for the campus
  • shipping equipment for the campus
  • shredding

Campus Vehicles:

  • store and maintain campus vehicles
  • schedule selected vehicles for use by faculty and staff for a specific purpose
  • monitor and maintain equipment

Facility Usage:

  • schedule various spaces around the campus to be used by approved groups
  • event setups

Space Layout:

  • egress maps
  • floor plans of each building
  • event setups
  • furniture

Miscellaneous Recycling:

  • construction
  • work order completion and management
  • coordinate outside contractors