What do you love about HACC


HACC received a tremendous response from the invitation to vote on HACC’s 50th anniversary logo in August 2013. During the voting period, everyone was asked, “What do you love about HACC?” Below is a sampling of the more than 850 responses received to the question.

1) “I love the doors that HACC has opened for me.” - HACC student

2) “The instructors and the staff make it all the reasons to go to HACC. So friendly up on campus it’s a breath of fresh air.” - HACC student

3) “The convenience of the class schedule and variety of available online courses.” - HACC student

4) “I love that it is affordable and it is close to home. It has made higher education obtainable for me.” - HACC student

5) “I love the students that attend HACC. As a 28 year old returning to school, it was comforting to meet others younger, older and the same age as me. Professor Bailey, Kate Brady, and Lisa Hill at the Gettysburg campus are also amazing people and teachers!” - HACC student

6) “Variety of ways and time to take a class convenient to your life!!! :) Thanks for the opportunity!!!” - HACC student

7) “I like HACC because they don’t judge you for race, ethnicity etc. The staff helps students with any questions. Teachers care for their students.” - HACC student

8) “The one on one attention we can receive from teachers and the tutoring is such a big help as well!” - HACC student

9) “The instructors love their students and show it.” - HACC student

10) “All the great opportunities to learn and get involved.” - HACC student

11) “HACC is continually growing and changing for the better. There are more classes being offered. There are more campus organizations and athletics to be involved in.” - HACC student

12) “I love how progressive the school is for a community college. It seems to me like every year there is something new to look forward to at HACC; from the Subway, to the safety railing on the balconies!” - HACC student

13) “I love the fact that HACC helps a student succeed through all of the opportunities using my computer to stay on top all my course work!” - HACC student

14) “The teacher/student relationship. We aren’t an anonymous face in a lecture hall like at a big university. I’ve had university experience and community college experience and I would take HACC any day.” - HACC student

15) “I love HACC that it gives me a chance to continue my education while I’m home and working full time.” - HACC student

16) “This organization truly cares about its students and their success.” - HACC employee

17) “As an employee of HACC, I love my job and the opportunity to work with wonderful coworkers.” - HACC employee

18) “At this time...Dr. Ski’s commitment to whip this college into shape; the longevity of the institution; (most) faculty and staff dedication to doing the best they can do to welcome and assist students when needed.” - HACC employee and alumnus

19) “Good people; a welcoming work environment; engaging projects; ability to be creative; helping faculty be their best, so our students can be their best!” - HACC employee

20) “The students, faculty and staff... the people are what make HACC a fabulous place to work and attend school.” - HACC employee

21) “I love that HACC is a place for 2nd chances...where students can realize their postponed potential.” - HACC employee

22) “The appearance and cleanliness of buildings and grounds, a safe and welcome environment and the variety and quality of courses offered.” - HACC employee

23) “HACC is a great place to work. I’ve worked at other colleges, but I’ve never worked at a place so dedicated to the education of our students and so committed to their success.” - HACC employee

24) “I love teaching to such a diverse group of students. They range from right out of high school to students my own age and also to students my parents age! They come from near and far and I learn from each and every one
of my students.” - HACC employee

25) “HACC provides a very supportive environment, for faculty and staff as well as students.” - HACC employee

26) “I love the diversity. The diversity of the curriculum that fits so many needs and the diversity of its people where I have made so many friends.” - HACC alumnus

27) “From the professors to the alumni, HACC wants nothing more than to help people like me do what we want to do; graduate and excel.” - HACC alumnus

28) “The overall positive experience...the people, teachers, and quality of education enabled me to go for my MBA.” - HACC alumnus

29) “I loved that the professors actually took the time to get to know the students.” - HACC alumnus

30) “Fantastic professors, small classes, family atmosphere, personal attention from faculty and staff, tremendous learning experience, made great friends, student oriented. Wish HACC was a 4-year college - how great would that be!” - HACC alumnus

31) “Simply in a nutshell: EVERYTHING......The education I received at HACC was and continues to be outstanding. I earned a very decent living based on my background at HACC. Not to mention my professors and friends who also encouraged me a great deal along the way while I attended HACC. HACC is a great school with a very very comfortable and beautiful campus for all!” - HACC alumnus

32) “I came to HACC 13 years after high school. My experience there made me realize the value of an education and made me a life-long learner. I added to the diploma and three AAs I received from HACC by earning two BSBAs and an MBA. I am now a high school teacher and encourage students to explore the many opportunities at HACC.” - HACC alumnus

33) “The flexibility for older students.” - HACC alumnus

34) “HACC allowed me to travel abroad! I visited our neighbors to the north, became a student ambassador, and a speech tutor during my days there. HACC allowed me to start school again in my 30s and I learned to thrive again in an academic setting!” - HACC alumnus

35) “I love the high level education I received at HACC! It prepared me for the next level of education and a career, not just a job.” - HACC alumnus

Board Members
36) “We are a forward thinking institution that keeps its focus on the needs of our students.” - HACC Board of Trustees member

37) “Economic opportunities to enhance lives and our community!” - HACC Board of Trustees member

38) “I love how beautiful HACC’s campus is.” - HACC Board of Trustees member

39) “Providing affordable education for our local community. A large majority of our students stay here in Central Pennsylvania!” - HACC Foundation Board member

40) “Most everything!” - HACC Foundation Board member

41) “HACC gives anyone the opportunity to get an education.” - HACC Foundation Board member

42) “Quality affordable education at minimum cost.” - HACC donor

43) “Relevant, quality, and affordable educational options for folks in all stations of their life...right here in Central PA.” - HACC donor

44) “Regional locations, intellectual outreach, spirited president.” - HACC donor

45) “It’s a great Community College with multiple campuses and many majors available for the many students who attend HACC.” - HACC donor

46) “HACC provides the opportunity for any person, at any age, to grow into the person and career they never dreamed they could have.” - HACC donor

47) “HACC provides an affordable educational opportunity to people at every stage of life. Starting out, starting over, expanding horizons or improving employment skills.....There’s something for everyone at HACC!” - HACC donor

48) “Its ability to deal and adapt in a very difficult economic and political environment.” - HACC donor

49) “The opportunities for everyone to receive a quality and affordable education. The culinary school. The Cooper Paralegal Library. The fact that my late husband, Bruce Cooper, was a founder of the college.” - HACC donor

50) “I love the dedication of their faculty, staff and administrators!” - HACC donor