Most Memorable Moments of Dr. Ski’s Miles of Gratitude – Tour de HACC

With more than 1,300 people in attendance for the three-day event, HACC created and captured many memories! Take a moment and view the photos taken at each campus and even some of our welcoming videos.




What was one of the most memorable moments for you during the event?

  • “The excitement, enthusiasm, and joy created by all in attendance. Additionally, seeing hopefulness in the faces of each potential scholarship award winner, and the collegiality and good humor among students, faculty, staff and external visitors.” – John J. "Ski" Sygielski, Ed.D., HACC president
  • “The enthusiasm, collegiality and excitement of students, faculty and staff as scholarships were drawn and giveaways pulled.  The atmosphere in the room was celebratory and happy.” – Shannon Harvey, campus vice president – Gettysburg Campus
  • “An unsuspecting new student who came to do walk-in placement testing, only to learn that the test center was going to be closed during the celebration. She ended up winning one of the scholarships!” – Shannon Harvey, campus vice president – Gettysburg Campus
  • “I don't know that I can pinpoint one particular moment, but watching the winning names being announced and witnessing the excitement of the recipients was very special.  I loved the diversity of the students who received scholarships at Midtown 2 and Harrisburg Campus. We had students of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and abilities win a scholarship. The winners were a true representation of our HACC student body.” – Sheila Ciotti,  campus vice president – Harrisburg Campus
  • “Seeing Dr. Ski arrive at the Harrisburg Campus still energized and enthusiastic after a very long three-day ride was inspiring.” – Sheila Ciotti,  campus vice president – Harrisburg Campus
  • “It was the excitement and enthusiasm of the students, future students and community. It was great to see everyone celebrating HACC’s Lebanon Campus, our students and the fact that current and incoming students received scholarships.” – Lois Schaffer,  campus vice president – Lebanon Campus
  • “The diversity of students awarded scholarships and giveaways was wonderful.” – Lois Schaffer,  campus vice president – Lancaster Campus