HACC Alumni Association

We are bringing the entire HACC community together AGAIN for this annual event to celebrate what HACC has done for thousands of people in our community. HACC has provided:

  • A chance to change lives through a high quality, affordable education.
  • Access to a supportive academic environment that provides the first step on a journey to personal and professional success.

By giving on April 18, you will make it possible for many of our students and future leaders to learn the latest technologies and overcome hurdles, so they may succeed.

For thousands of students, alumni, employees, board members, donors, partners and friends, HACC is a source of pride. Please help us to continue creating opportunities and transforming lives to shape the future - TOGETHER.

What you can do now?

Give on April 18: hacc.edu/GiveNow
Become a sponsor: www.hacc.edu/sponsorships  
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