HACC Alumni Association

HACC has Exceptional Alumni

The HACC Alumni Association is committed to recognizing its exceptional alumni. The Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest honor bestowed upon an alumnus, salutes the achievements of outstanding alumni whose personal lives, professional achievements and community service exemplify the HACC "spirit" and serve as an inspiration to other alumni and current students.

Annually, the HACC Alumni Association seeks nominations for its Distinguished Alumni Award, and those who are chosen to receive this prestigious award are welcomed into HACC's Circle of Distinction at a special celebration dinner.

  HACC Distinguished Alumni

Distinguished Alumni

Patty Bowen, Daniel Ashby, Daniel Thau, Daniel Miller and Timothy Gregg


Daniel M. Ashby, Liberal Arts, 1968 (pdf)

Patty A. Bowen, Business Studies, 1998 (pdf)

Timothy M. Gregg, Fire Science, 1995 (pdf)

Daniel C. Miller, Business, 1975 (pdf)

Daniel T. Thau, Engineering, 2006 (pdf)