HACC Alumni Association

Leaders Serve Alumni

The HACC Alumni Association is governed by the Alumni Council, which helps to shape and influence the policies and direction of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Council meets six times per year. Council members also serve on committees and task forces.

Mission: Engage alumni, students and the community in supporting the College.

Vision: Develop dynamic alumni who are committed to our students and each other, dedicated to the College and the communities it serves.


Members of HACC's Alumni Council pose with Dr. Ski. From left: Zenoria McMorris-Owens, Carissa Mellinger, Patrick Donnelly and Candice Neff.

Bylaws (pdf)

Alumni Council Members

Name Elected Office / Campus Graduation Year
Gary Allen Aller Harrisburg 2008
Linda Lubold Harrisburg 1998
Rachel Bottomstone Lancaster 2004
John R. Campbell Harrisburg 2011
Patrick E. Donnelly  Vice president / Lancaster 2001 & 2002
Katie Lippy Gettysburg 2013
Joseph E. Alsberry
Treasurer / Harrisburg 1969
Zenoria McMorris-Owens President / Harrisburg 1978
Carissa B. Mellinger Secretary / Lebanon 2009
Candice M. Neff Harrisburg 2006
Troy Richardson Lancaster 2007 & 2009
Geni C. Robinson, RN Lebanon 2011
Melvin J. Wilson, Jr. Harrisburg 2002 & 2003